Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I was getting ready to congratulate myself on a year of blogging about Oakland when the whole Oscar Grant thing happened. I don't have much to say about it--everything to say has already been said, and this isn't really the forum for that kind of thing anyways--but it's just a sad thing all around. Grant worked at the Farmer Joe's a few blocks from my house, and the shooting happened at my Bart station, so this is (literally) close to home for me. Although I myself am not in the "demographic" of people who might get shot in the back while in handcuffs, I feel like this is someone I could have known or interacted with. Of course I'm ashamed of my city after the shooting, the riots, and the anemic response from our politicians, but I'm not leaving anytime soon. I just wish it didn't all remind me so much of The Wire.

Anyways, my blog is a year old now. I started this blog because I was reading city planning books and wanted a place to work out my ideas, using the town I love as the focal point. I totally didn't expect people to start reading it, so it was really weird (and exciting) when I started getting hits and comments and links from other blogs. The Daily Kos thing was a total surprise. So, um, thanks. Even (especially) the ones who have pointed out my ignorance on many subjects. Hope you all keep coming back.

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Emma said...

Congratulations on a great inaugural year for OakStrts--guess you can't forbid me from telling people about it now ;)