Friday, May 9, 2008

Oaktown Farms

The New York Times had an interesting article earlier this week about the growth of urban gardening:

Hundreds of farmers are at work in Detroit, Milwaukee, Oakland and other areas that, like East New York, have low-income residents, high rates of obesity and diabetes, limited sources of fresh produce and available, undeveloped land...
City Slicker Farms in West Oakland, Calif., started in 2001 with a quarter-acre garden and a farm stand selling neighborhood favorites like collards and mustard greens. It has since persuaded local elementary students to volunteer and gotten owners of five additional vacant lots to let it grow food on their land.

Is there anything cooler that combining rural and urban uses? There isn't a good grocery store below 35th Ave in East Oakland or anywhere in West Oakland that I know of. I know that urban gardens can't actually fill that gap, but it's still a great way to soften up the concrete jungle and make some connections with the food on our table.

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Emma said...

Great article, indeed. And great post.